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At the Brantford Honda Vehicle Service Centre we are serious about providing you with the quality service that your vehicle deserves. That’s why we provide every mechanic in our service shop with the latest tools to diagnose and repair your vehicle correctly as well as full industry training so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. Our Vehicle Service Centre is located at our Brantford dealership near Kitchener, London, Waterloo, Oakville and Hamilton Ontario.

Following the proper Honda maintenance schedule for your vehicle is important to ensure it continues to run reliably and efficiently. If you have any questions about the correct maintenance period for your individual model, feel free to ask any of our service representatives or consult your owner’s manual.


In addition to essential mechanic services and regular maintenance, our Vehicle Service Centre offers a full car and truck detailing service. Visit our Auto Spa to see our full selection of interior and exterior detailing packages. Depending on weather conditions, we also offer a free car wash at the end of your service appointment to leave your vehicle looking as good as it runs.

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Studies have shown that up to 70% of vehicles on the road have at least one under-inflated tire. Checking and maintaining tire pressure regularly will help extend tire life and reduce fuel consumption. Every time you check your Honda’s tire pressures, you should also examine the tires for damage, foreign objects, and wear.


Misaligned wheels can cause uneven and rapid tire wear. It is normal for wheel alignment to change through the life of the vehicle as wear accumulates and especially if the vehicle is driven on rough roads. If abnormal tire wear or damage is discovered when checking tire pressures or during vehicle maintenance, or your Honda has developed symptoms such as pulling to one side or that the steering wheel is not centred when driving straight, the wheel alignment should be checked and corrected if needed.


Proper wheel balance helps prevent unnecessary wear to the tires, steering, and suspension components and also provides for a more enjoyable driving experience. Wheel balance normally changes as tires wear and should be checked periodically when you change or rotate tires, and especially if you have noticed speed-related vibration while driving. Wheel balancing should always be done when replacing tires and when a tire has been removed from a wheel for any reason.

Anything that increases a tire’s rolling resistance or friction with the road surface will increase the amount of work required of the engine and therefore the amount of fuel it burns.



Under-inflation increases a tire’s rolling resistance. Don’t wait until your tires “look” low, or the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) warns you that your Honda’s tire pressures are low before you check them. Tires that are 56 kPa (8 PSI) low can increase fuel consumption by 4%. Think of the air to keep your tires at proper pressure as “free” gasoline.


Wheel misalignment increases the resistance of the tires to roll in the direction of vehicle movement, which requires extra engine power to overcome and more fuel to be consumed. The increased “drag” caused could increase fuel consumption by up to 25%.


Automobile and light truck tires manufactured for sale in North America have wear indicators (“wear bars”) moulded into the tire tread at 2/32″ depth. This is the minimum legal tread depth permitted for use on public roads. When a tire’s tread is worn level with the wear indicators in two or more adjacent tread grooves, the tire is considered illegal for further use and must be replaced.

Some all-season tires have a second wear indicator at 4/32″ tread depth. When worn to this depth, an all-season tire may no longer be suitable for use in snow and may experience hydroplaning in severe wet conditions.

Winter tires may have a second wear indicator at 6/32″ that indicates when the tire may no longer be suitable for use in snow.

Your Brantford Honda Dealer is committed to you and your vehicle. Honda vehicles are what we do—all day, every day. So you can be sure that your vehicle is being fixed right the first time.



Show your Honda some love and have our Honda trained technicians show you what’s best for your Honda. Our experienced technicians know your vehicle inside and out, providing unparalleled expertise and a courteous service.

Servicing your Honda at a local Honda Dealership will ensure you protect your investment and maximize its outstanding resale value. Dedicated Honda Care provides access to specialist diagnostic equipment and Honda Genuine Parts. There’s also the advantage of factory-trained technicians with unparalleled knowledge of Honda products.


For peace-of-mind, Honda factory-trained technicians use ‘unique to Honda’ diagnostic equipment combined with the latest evolving technologies and equipment to properly service your Honda for optimal reliability.

Bring your Honda home and keep your Honda on the road longer by choosing Genuine Honda parts and service.


Brantford Honda is your one stop shop for all your brake and tire needs. We offer a Lowest Price Guarantee* on a wide selection of tires and a Lifetime Guarantee† on Genuine Honda replacement brake pads.


If you find a lower advertised price within 30 days of purchasing any of the following tire brands (Michelin, Toyo Tires, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Dunlop, Firestone, Uniroyal, Hankook, Yokohama, General Tires, Pirelli and Continental), Brantford Honda will match the lower price!


We offer competitive pricing and carry original equipment tires for your Honda. Tires from the following manufacturers can also be purchased at your local Honda dealer: Michelin, Bridgestone, Toyo Tires, Goodyear, Kelly Tires, BF Goodrich, Dunlop, Firestone, Uniroyal, Yokohama, Gislaved, General Tire, Continental, Hankook and Pirelli.


When you press your Honda’s brake pedal, the friction material on the brake pads is pushed against the brake discs to slow or stop your vehicle. Each time the brakes are used, a small amount of this material is worn off, eventually requiring replacement. Brantford Honda understands how integral braking is to your safety. That’s why we’re proud to offer a Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee* on Genuine Honda replacement brake pads.

*Should you find a lower advertised price within thirty (30) days before or after the purchase of qualifying tires from a participating Honda dealer, present the dealer where you purchased or intend to purchase qualifying tires with proof of the advertised price and they will match the lower price. Offer does not apply to quotes or advertised prices from outside Canada, online auction sites, wholesalers, online retailers that have no physical stores in Canada, close out/liquidation/clearance sales, advertising errors or misprints, restricted offers, or where quotes/advertised prices are on tires with limited/no stock availability. Qualifying tires must be purchased and installed at a participating Honda dealer in Canada. Advertised item must: (i) be an in-stock brand (excluding Bridgestone) and be of the same brand, size, model, sidewall, speed and load rating; (ii) be sold through an authorized retailer located in Canada; and (iii) be in Canadian dollars. Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to costs associated with labour, valve stems, mounting/balancing, disposal fees and applicable taxes. Some restrictions apply. Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice. Ask your Honda dealer for more details.

† Purchase and install select Genuine Honda replacement brake pads at a participating Honda dealer and your dealer will provide future replacement brake pads for the same brake component system at no charge, for as long as you own the vehicle.*
*Brake Pad Guarantee Terms and Conditions
1. This guarantee does not apply to vehicles equipped with brake shoes or brake drums.
2. Only available for bona fide purchasers of Genuine Honda replacement front or rear brake pads for Honda automobiles (certain model exclusions may apply) on or after July 4, 2016. Guarantee includes brake pad parts only for the specific brake component system they were purchased and installed for (either front or rear). Initial and subsequent brake pad replacements during the valid guarantee period must be installed by a Honda Certified Technician at a participating Honda Dealer in Canada.
3. Brake pad installation costs and any costs for labour or parts required to return the brake system to its original operating condition, are excluded from this guarantee. Machining and replacement of brake discs are excluded. Guarantee does not cover loss of use, towing charges, transportation or other incidental damages or parts supplied by customer.
4. All factory-recommended maintenance must be completed as specified by the vehicle’s Maintenance Minder system and owner’s manual. Brake system must be returned to its original operating condition (including machining or replacement of brake discs), before subsequent replacement brake pads are provided. All other brake system component replacements must be done with Genuine Honda parts and by a Honda Certified Technician at a participating Honda dealer in Canada.
5. Guarantee is applicable to regular wear only, based on inspection and recommendation by a Honda Certified Technician at a participating Honda dealer in Canada. Brake pad thickness for parts in which guarantee applies to must be documented as 2mm or less in order to qualify for replacement under the guarantee.
6. Guarantee is non-transferable to any other person or vehicle and applies only to the original purchaser of the replacement brake pad parts for the vehicle on which they were installed. Not applicable to wholesale customers or over-the-counter purchases.
7. No extra charge for guarantee and no substitutions.
8. A copy of the repair order/invoice must be retained and presented to the participating Honda dealer as proof of purchase and eligibility at time of any subsequent brake pad replacement pursuant to this guarantee.
9. Brake pad guarantee does not apply to vehicles that have been modified, used for racing purposes, declared a total loss by an insurer, used to transport passengers (e.g. taxi, limo, ride-sharing), or otherwise used as a fleet vehicle (e.g. rental, emergency services).
10. Brake pad guarantee is subject to change or cancellation at any time, without notice. Valid in Canada only in respect of brake pad purchases in Canada. Excludes all other guarantees, expressed or implied. Guarantee eligibility applies to Canadian vehicles (VINs) only. See your local participating Honda dealer for more details.

***Rebate available on select tire brands and models only. While quantities last. Mail-in rebate applies only for the periods indicated by tire manufacturer. Mail-in rebate must be submitted by deadline indicated by tire manufacturer and in accordance with the rules stated on the rebate form. Full mail-in rebate details are available directly from individual tire manufacturer, which is subject to individual tire manufacturer’s conditions which may change at any time without notice. See your Honda dealer for details.

In case of accident insist on Genuine Honda parts.

If you’re ever in an accident, insist that your insurance company authorizes only Genuine Honda Collision Parts. Why? Because Genuine Honda Collision parts are the only parts which are manufactured to Honda’s exacting standards for fit, finish and corrosion protection. They’re the only parts that are covered by our warranty. And they’re the only parts that are guaranteed to perform as only a Honda can.

Will my insurance company automatically specify Genuine Honda collision parts?

No. Imitation parts may be sufficient for insurance companies because they cost less, but it may compromise the fit, finish and corrosion protection of your Honda.
Do imitation parts equal the quality of Genuine Honda Collision Parts?

No. Imitation parts may be sufficient for insurance companies because they cost less, but it may compromise the fit, finish and corrosion protection of your Honda.
Is there a warranty on Genuine Honda Collision Parts?

Yes. Genuine Honda collision parts are covered by our Replacement Warranty.
Do I have the right to know?

Yes. You have the right to know what replacement parts are being used. Ask for proof that “like kind and quality” parts can equal Genuine Honda collision Parts. Chances are, they won’t.

Keep your Honda a Honda with Genuine Honda Collision Parts

In the event of an accident

  1. Stop and exchange information. If there are any injured individuals, notify the police immediately.
  2. Inspect damage on both vehicles
  3. Make a records of the accident, diagram, and witnesses.
  4. Call Honda roadside assistance (1-800-465-7587)
  5. Contact your insurance company and make sure to let them know that you only want Genuine Honda parts used on your Honda vehicle

Know the facts about your insurance

Under no circumstances are you legally obligated to go to the shop your insurance company may suggest. As the vehicle owner it is your right to choose the collision repair facility that you prefer to repair your Honda. Many Honda dealers have their own body shops and can help you through the repair process.

Genuine Honda Parts

There’s nothing like the real thing

Watch out for terms like “Quality Replacement Parts” “LKQ” or “Genuine Imitation” on your vehicle estimate. These are parts that are “similar” to Genuine Honda Parts; However, they are not.

Use only Genuine Honda Collision Parts

Honda collision parts are made to the exact specifications as your new Honda automobile. Every part has been engineered and quality tested to ensure proper fit, finish and durability.


Genuine Honda Collision Parts are covered by Honda Canada’s Replacement Parts Limited Warranty. In addition, they’re covered for the remainder of the new car corrosion warranty, coverage that includes parts and labour. Neither salvage nor new imitation parts are covered by any warranty program from Honda Canada, and their use may nullify the warranty of associated parts and systems.

Brantford Honda is proud to provide its Honda Service customers with the very best in Honda Certified Service. Our Honda service department technicians are trained and certified by Honda Canada and have the knowledge and experience necessary to solve any problem you may have with your vehicle.

Don’t take any chances: bring your Honda to the certified Honda service centre.


  • We work on all Honda vehicles. That means all models, years and mileages. We are the experts.
  • Our dealership staff can get current training directly from Honda Canada.
  • We get up-to-date technical resources for the model and year of your vehicle.
  • We use Genuine Honda Parts.
  • We maintain a large inventory and can get parts overnight.
  • We work with you to properly care for your vehicle.
  • A quality-control check is conducted on the dealership’s warranty work, so you can be assured that your vehicle will be fixed right the first time.
  • A guarantee on maintenance and repair work.

When you think maintenance, think fast with Express Service. You get friendly and convenient service, with no appointment necessary. You also get the confidence of knowing that your vehicle is in the trusted hands of Honda trained technicians, who use only Genuine Honda parts.

Brantford Honda has experienced Honda technicians who know your vehicle, and provide exclusive service to help maintain your vehicle’s performance and reliability. Visit Brantford Honda for express service, unbeatable value and competitive prices.


  • Oil and Filter changes
  • Engine Air Filter replacement
  • A/C Filter replacement
  • Wiper Insert or Blade replacement
  • Safety inspections
  • Tire Rotations
  • Battery Replacement

Honda dealers utilize state of the art facilities with the latest high tech equipment. This, combined with factory trained Honda technicians who know what’s best for your vehicle, help to ensure your vehicle is fixed right the first time, for peace of mind motoring. Read on to find out how and why.


(A) Electronic:What makes Honda technical training unique? Honda technicians are kept abreast of the latest evolving technology through distance training programs available through e-Learning. E-Learning allows for timely and on-going training as soon as new models are introduced, and is customized for each associate, with interactive functionality.
(B) Classroom:Honda technicians also participate in special technical training courses where they are challenged to demonstrate both their knowledge and their tactile skills. “Hands on” training insures that Honda technicians are able to keep abreast of technological changes and service procedures.

At Honda “good-enough” is not good enough! Students cannot pass a technical training course by simply listening to a lecture and writing a paper test. A special form of training is used. It is referred to as IST (Individualized Skills Training). What makes IST training so special? Class size is restricted to no more than 8 students and students work at their own pace. Every student must actually demonstrate the skills required before they receive credit for the course. Lectures & tests (passive learning) have been replaced by skill acquisition and skills demonstration (active learning). In this manner we are able to guarantee that the students acquire the knowledge and demonstrate the skills to fix the vehicle right the first time.


At Honda we have entered into partnerships with several community colleges across Canada to sponsor Honda specific apprentice training programs. We donate vehicles, training components, tools, equipment, and expertise. Honda also works closely with the colleges to enrich and continually update our apprentice curriculum so that the students receive the best possible education. In this manner we are able to ensure that our dealers have the “pick of the crop” when it comes to hiring new professional service technicians.


ETecH was designed by Honda Canada’s Technical Tools department to help improve service capability for the Canadian Honda and Acura dealer network. ETecH is a server-based system, accessed by technicians through a rugged, fully mobile tablet PC. Each server runs virtualization software, capable of hosting multiple sessions of Windows and Linux operating systems: a session for each technician using ETecH. With this arrangement, the system is able to provide fully mobile access to all critical tools and information required by a technician in a modern repair environment. This includes access to service publications and bulletins, diagnostic and control module update software, and access to the dealer’s own management system. This ground-up rethinking of how a technician can work without any barriers is reflected in the system’s architecture. ETecH offers several enhancements designed to take your service experience to an entirely new level. Here are just a few of the features that make ETecH technology every bit as advanced as that found in our vehicles:

Unrestricted access to service publications for all technicians
Technology found in today’s vehicles is constantly evolving, creating the need for frequently updated service publications, diagnostic software, and vehicle software. With ETecH, service publications are available the minute new information is published, providing Honda technicians with the confidence of knowing they have the very latest service tools and information on hand at all times. To ensure fast and unimpeded access, every technician is equipped with a wireless tablet device.

Systems linkage
All systems (publications, diagnostics, reprogramming, etc.) are consolidated on ETecH, even including communication with a vehicle through a wireless gateway device. The diagnostic system communicates to a vehicle through this gateway, and can automatically search for any service publications that are relevant to an issue identified with that vehicle. This means that the correct service procedures are available to the technician at their fingertips, and vehicle issues can then be resolved quickly and accurately.

Automatically deployed software updates
Limited diagnostic tools and out-of-date software can hamper a technician’s ability to fix a problem right the first time. ETecH features automatic software deployments that ensure all critical diagnostic functions and vehicle applications are up to date and ready to use. With ETecH, you are assured that your dealership’s service capabilities will always keep pace with the deployment of new vehicle technology.

CM Update keeps your vehicle’s software up-to-date
Today’s advanced vehicles have systems that facilitate software updating in the field. When needed, CM Update (Control Module Update) software provides a means of servicing these systems at the dealership. Certain owner concerns and vehicle issues can be effectively resolved by updates in the form of software revisions. With ETecH, your vehicle’s software can be updated over a wireless connection while other service work is being performed.

ETecH offers the advantage of wireless mobility – even during a test drive
Wireless mobility ensures that Honda technicians can thoroughly inspect complex vehicle systems quickly and easily. ETecH tablet PCs can operate outside of the dealership’s infrastructure network by switching over to a direct wireless connection with the gateway device, providing technicians with diagnostic capability during road tests.

Technical support in real-time
ETecH facilitates technical support from Honda Canada with specialists available to assist troubleshooting difficult problems in real-time. ETecH provides the means to remotely control sessions and diagnostic functions, while working directly with technicians to complete the repair. Diagnostic data is also transmitted for immediate analysis to help work through a problem while the vehicle is at the dealership.

ETecH– The ultimate in automotive service technology and a Canadian innovation.

Every vehicle has specific maintenance needs. That’s why Honda has developed a unique maintenance program for each car they manufacture along with on-board technology that helps you keep track of your vehicles maintenance needs. Following Honda’s comprehensive maintenance schedule will help you make sure your Civic, Accord, Fit, Pilot, Oddysey or CR-V vehicle stays in optimal condition.

You have two ways to ensure that your vehicle will stay running most reliably in accordance with Honda’s official manufacturer guidelines.


Maintenance Minder™ is an on-board technology that monitors a number of variables to determine the best time to bring your Honda in for a Genuine Honda Oil Change. When the remaining life of your car’s oil reaches 15%, a “service due soon” message will appear on your dashboard, accompanied by either a letter “A” or “B” to signify what type of additional service is required.

Depending on your vehicle’s odometer reading, additional service may be required signified by number accompanying the “service due soon” message. Here is an overview of what the different letters and numbers mean and what type of service is due.


“Service Due Soon”
Engine oil life is at 15% and it’s time to bring your Honda in for regular scheduled maintenance.

Replace engine oil using only Honda Genuine 0W20 engine oil. If the message “Service” does not display after 12 months after being reset, change the engine oil every year.


  • Replace engine oil and filter.
  • Rotate tires, inspect for wear and adjust for pressure.
  • Service front and rear brakes.
  • Inspect parking brake adjustments.
  • Inspect tie rod ends, steering gearbox and boots.
  • Inspect suspension components.
  • Inspect drive shaft boots.
  • Inspect brake hoses and lines, including ABS/VSA
  • Check all fluid levels, condition of fluids and check for leaks.
  • Inspect exhaust system.
  • Inspect fuel lines and connections.


Rotate tires, inspect for wear and adjust pressure.


  • Replace air cleaner element. If you drive in dusty conditions, replace air cleaner element every 24,000Km.
  • Replace dust and pollen filter. If you primarily drive in urban areas with high concentrations of soot in the air from industry and diesel powered vehicles replace dust and pollen filter every 24,000Km.
  • Inspect drive belt.


Replace transmission fluid. Driving in mountainous terrain at lower speeds or regularly towing trailers will result in higher transmission temperatures and may require more frequent changing of transmission fluid than recommended by Maintenance Minder™. If you regularly drive in these conditions have the transmission fluid changed every 40,000Km.


  • Replace spark plugs.
  • Replace timing belt and inspect water pump. If you regularly drive in high temperature conditions (over 43C, 100F), or in very low temperature conditions (under -29C, -20F) replace the timing belt every 100,000Km.
  • Inspect valve clearance.

Replace engine coolant.


  • Every 3 Years – Replace brake fluid.
  • Every 24,000 km – Replace air cleaner element if vehicle is regularly driven in dusty conditions, and replace dust and pollen filter if vehicle is regularly driven in urban areas with high concentrations of soot from industry and diesel powered vehicles.
  • Every 100,000 km – Replace timing belt if vehicle is regularly driven in very low temperatures ( -29C, -20F) V6 vehicles only.

Keeping your Honda in great shape is easy with the Maintenance Minder™ and Honda’s extensive scheduled maintenance program.


You can also follow Honda Canada’s recommended service schedule all the way up to 288,000 km, which we?ve attached below. Depending on your particular model, you will be due for regularly scheduled repairs every 6,000 or 8,000 kilometers, approximately every 6 months.

View Maintenance for 6000k
View Maintenance for 8000k
View Maintenance Schedules
View Maintenance Minder System

oil change guarantee
We guarantee you will not find a lower price 0W-20 full synthetic oil change with a genuine Honda oil filter.

Protect your investment by choosing genuine Honda 0W-20 full synthetic engine oil.

Honda 0W-20 oil is a full synthetic formula that provides advanced protection against oil breakdown for a cleaner running engine with less harmful engine deposits. By responding better to temperature extremes, and not breaking down like carbon based oil, synthetic oil lasts longer and is changed less often.

The more slippery nature of synthetic oil also allows the engine to run with less friction and at cooler temperatures for longer engine life and enhanced fuel economy.

Better Fuel Economy

Honda 0W-20 is a low viscosity and full synthetic engine oil specifically formulated for Honda’s low friction engines. An engine that runs more smoothly burns fuel more efficiently. 0W-20’s ultra-low viscosity grade helps to optimize fuel efficiency and improve power.

Example: Based on the Canadian fuel economy guide, the estimated annual fuel cost for a 2010 CR-V is $1,800 with 20,000km driving distance. With 1.5% fuel savings using 0W-20, your annual fuel savings would be $27 compared to 5W-20.
Reduced Engine Wear
Honda 0W-20 engine oil provides advanced protection against oil breakdown and a cleaner running engine. Honda 0W-20 engine oil’s low viscosity allows the oil to flow faster, particularly at engine start up and cold temperature, where most engine wear takes place.

See your Service Advisor for details

oil graph
oil graph

When your car is out of alignment, you may experience irregular tire wear, handling problems or a crooked steering wheel. A wheel alignment adjustment can correct these problems and increase fuel economy, prolong tire life and ensure driver assist systems continuing functioning as intended.

Have you recently traded in or purchased a new vehicle? During the winter tire season we get many questions with regards to “Will my set of xyz winter tires and rims fit onto the vehicle I am purchasing”. This is a great question to have as it will save you money if the set of winter tires and rims will fit properly on your recently purchased vehicle.

A few questions we need answers to verify whether they will fit are as follows:

  1. Do you know the size of the tires and rims (this will enable us to quickly check the new vehicle and it’s compatibility with the old set of winter tires and rims)?
  2. Do you know what the load index is (this is the load rating of the tires that is always listed as a number beside a letter on the side wall of the tires 96V, 103T etc.)?
  3. Did you purchase your set from us in the past (so we can check the history in our computer system to get this information quickly)?
  4. If you do not have access to your winter tires and rims we can dry fit them (this means we can check the fitment of the tires and rims once they are here physically with the vehicle to ensure safe fitment).
  5. If my past vehicle is not a Honda; can my old set of winter tires and rims be compatible (in some cases they can cross over to your current vehicle. If the rims will not fit the tires may or vice versa).

Though these are a few questions that may take some time to answer; these answers will better help us to confirm whether that winter set from your old vehicle will work on your current vehicle.
tire pressure

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