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Saving Money at the Pump

When it comes to driving, most people will say that maximizing their mileage is a priority. Now that we're getting into the winter months, the least favourable thing for most drivers is spending time at the pump in the freezing cold. We've got some tips here to get the most out of your fuel tank. Routine Service - Having an engine that consistently gives you optimal performance levels is essential....

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Winterizing your Vehicle
 get  your  vehicle  winter  ready

With the temperatures dropping, it's important to get your car ready for Winter so that you're not left stranded in the freezing cold, or stuck sliding out in the middle of a snowstorm. Winterizing your vehicle is more than just making sure you've got the right set of winter tires on, and we've got all the tips to help you get prepared. Battery -It's important to have...

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Getting your Car Ready for Spring
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You've heard all about getting your car ready for winter, but have you considered that it is also important to prepare your car for spring? Call it Spring Cleaning for your car, but it is also crucial, and a great  way to embark on the change of seasons. With these tough Canadian winters, a lot of salt is used in attempt to keep the roads safer. Cleaning your car undercarriage is...

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