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What To Do After a Collision

Sometimes accidents happen, and they can be a life-changing event. Whether minor or major, it is important to be prepared for any type of collision. If your vehicle is a lease, there is an extra step you need to take versus if you own your vehicle. But first, it is important to make sure that everyone involved in the accident is ok before being concerned about your vehicle.The first step in an accident...

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Can I End My Lease Early?

Sometimes you need to get out of a lease early - whether your financial circumstances have changed, or you are moving away, or maybe you would like to just upgrade into a newer vehicle. Well, there are several options on how to get out of your lease early, for whatever reason you may have. Transfer it to someone else - If you are not happy with your current lease agreement, you can always try to...

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What to Know Before Co-Signing a Loan

Sometimes when someone is  looking to secure their first car loan, they may look into finding a family member or close friend to cosign the loan to increase their chances of qualifying for one. There are several reasons why a person would be looking for a cosigner, like high debt, bad credit or not enough credit history. A cosigner is an individual who legally agrees to repay the borrow's debt,...

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Buying a New Car

For some people, buying a new car is fun and exciting, from looking up features about new cars online, or stepping into the dealership ready to test drive whatever suits your needs. Or searching through a dealerships used lot to find that car that suits them, and their budget. But this isn't necessarily the case for everyone, some people hate searching for a new car and it could be a stressful experience...

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The Benefits of Leasing

When leasing was first introduced, it was more geared towards business owners and employees. Now leasing is more open for everybody, and depending on the kind of lifestyle you lead, it could be the perfect thing for you. It's time to take a look at the benefits of leasing.Yes, a lease can be more expensive, but is it really? A lease has lower monthly payments, which means there is more money left in...

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